We are steam experts.

Expertise combined with practical application experience is leaving the industry at an alarming rate. We fill that void. 

Our Services

We are brand agnostic. Meaning, we’re not obligated to meet sales quotas. In fact, we don’t sell any equipment at all. Simply put, we work with you to select the absolute best equipment and work with a vast network of equipment and service providers to ensure that your next project, large or small, achieves and exceeds your goals. We can assist you with design concepts, engineering, specification, and project management. 

Our Process

Our process is simple. We determine your needs, complete a system audit, and work with you to select the right equipment and systems for your facility. No one shoe fits all, but with our nationwide network of partners, we point you to the right solution. Every time. 

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The Team

RCSC was founded on one simple premise. Gather the best minds with tangible industry experience and leverage this grouping for our clients. Our guiding principle is integrity. It permeates everything we do. Our leading team of consultants have all built their careers on this principle. We do business the right way, period. 

RCSC is a joining of industry and technical experts that span the United States. With over 150 years of combined experience in every aspect of the steam industry, we provide unequalled expertise.

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